allthelittlelightsinmyheart: on a scale form 1 to food, how much do you like mike? 

Fooooooooooooood, the most delicious one.

Anonym: When is Mike's birthday? 

Soooooooon! 17th May :) x

nattyseven7: 3 things you like at Mike most?? 

His voice because it’s very unique and immediately makes you fall in love with him. I’m sure that every person sits still for a second when ‘Let Her Go’ comes on the radio - his voice is just that touching and emotional, words can’t even describe it.

I also love that he’s so good at telling stories. He tells them in such a sad yet so funny way… I wish I could listen to them for the rest of my life. (My favourite story is the one to “Travelling alone” btw)

And last but not least that he’s so humble and down to earth. Even though he’s at #1 in many countries and sells out every single concert, he still finds time to busk or to reply to his fans. 

I could list many more things I like about Mike but I think my point is clear - he is an amazing artist with a great personality and a huge heart. x